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H9MO-LM63:SDH MSTP multiplexer,STM-1 to 63 E1,fiber optic equipment


STM-1 to 63 E1,

fiber optic equipment,

SDH Multiplexer

More details

SDH MSTP STM-1 to 63 E1 fiber optic equipment:SDH-LM63

SDH/MSTP: STM-1 to 63*E1


SDH-LM63, STM-1 level veneer type SDH (Synchronous Digital the Hierarchy) optical transmission systems, compliance with ITU-T and SDH standards, provides complete monitor, access, protection, network management and Ethernet access function. SDH-LM63 can provide A, B 155.52Mb/s interfaces,

12 channel Ethernet interfaces, has the function of  Network element timing with the ITU-T G.813 standard, VC-12 cross-connection and channel protection. SDH-LM63 can format point-to-point, chain and ring transmission network as Add-Drop-Multiplexer or TM Terminal Multiplexer.



n  Provide 2 155M standard SDH Optical interface,Provide 1+1 low-level channel protection, realize fast protection switching

n  Support point to point, ring, chain and star-shaped network;

n  Support 1 optical, 1 electrical and 2 Ethernet ports

n  Providing Console and SNMP network management interface, easy to maintain;

n  Under without affecting the business case, supports local and remote software upgrade;

n  Supports hot-plug;

n  Dual power input, the device performance is more reliable;

n  Selects the natural wind radiation method, stable and reliable working mode。

SDH interface

interface method:                              FC,SC

Number of interfaces:                        2

Interface distance, wavelength:         Optional(Please state when  ordering)

rate:                                                  155.520Mb/s±4.6ppm

Conformity with standards:               ITU-T G.957/G.958

Receiver sensitivity:                          exceed -36dBm

     Work in 1+1 low-order channel protected mode 。



ETH port

Rate:                          10/100M,Full-duplexes, half-duplex completely auto-adapted

Protocol:                       IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.1Q(VLAN)

MAC address table:    can learn 1024 MAC address

Ethernet total cache:   64MBits SDRAM

Physical interface:      RJ45 interface,Supports cross/straight line of Adaptive


Structure of international standards 19-inch 1U chassis。

chassis sizes:483mm(W)×126mm(L)×44mm(H)


Power supply

AC power supply voltage:AC220V±20%,50HZ
DC power supply voltage:DC-48V,Tolerance interval  -36V~-72V
Power consumption:≤25W(25℃)

Working environment

Working temperature :                      0°C~50°C

Storage temperature:                          -20°C~+70°C

Relative humidity :                         95 %

Non-corrosive and solvent Gas, no dust, no strong magnetic interference.


Typical Application

STM-1 to 63E1



SDH multiplexer

E3 T3 DS3 fiber modem

STM-1 converter

8E1+4ETH SDH equipment

STM-1 to 63E1

E1 STM-1 SDH multiplexer

SDH equipment

STM-16 SDH multiplexer




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