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PDH-8L:8E1 10/100M ethernet PDH multiplexer

8E1 10/100M ethernet PDH multiplexer

E1+LAN fiber optical multiplexer

More details

8E1 10/100M ethernet PDH multiplexer:PDH-8L

      PDH-8L is a stand-alone design 1~8E1+1~4 Ethernet multi-service to dual-strand or single-strand fiber PDH multiplexer, and providing E1 transmissions transparently, pure 100M Fast-Ethernet simultaneously. It could be installed in central office and remote site. It also provides one office phone port (optional) and 2 RS232. The Ethernet port is 10M/100M self-adapting completely, also supporting VLAN separating.


01.Based on IC of independence intellectual property rights
02.Adopt veneer structure
03.Cost-effective sharing 100Mbps bandwidth 1~4 Fast-Ethernet and 1~8 E1 to PDH fiber simultaneously. The E1 traffic and Ethernet traffic are isolated by TDM technology.
04.Provide 2 RS232 (optional).
05.One channel OA for optional.
06.Optional multimode, single mode or single-strand, double-strand fiber optic port.
07.Alarm indications in front panel.
08.The local or remote alarms can be displayed by LRS switching button.
09.When fiber signal is loss, users can distinguish whether the remote device is power off or the fiber line is down from the indicator status on the local device.
10.Provide loop-back configuration.
11.High security, stability, reliability, and easy to use.
12.SNMP local and remote management (optional).
13.User can become conscious of the temperature and voltage of the local device in SNMP managing interface (optional).
14.User can also become conscious of the temperature and voltage of the remote device in SNMP managing interface, and can set the alarm threshold of the remote device's temperature (optional).
15.Provide two fiber interfaces, one as master, the other as slave, insuring uninterrupted service transmission (optional).
16.180-260VAC & -48VDC power options and the positive and negative of DC-48V can be optional because there is the self-test circuit for the polarity inside the device


Technical Specification
1.Fiber interface
Optical wavelength:1310nm/1550nm(single-mode)
850nm/1310nm(multi-mode) for option
Optical interface:SC/FC for option
Sending consumption:  -9dBm/-5dBm
Receiving and dispatching module:  >-6dBm
Optical receiver receiving sensitivity:<-36 (BER<10):
Optical code: NRZ
Transmitting range: MM0~2Km; SM 0~120Km for option

2. E1 interface
Interface code:HDB3 code
Line speed: 2.048Mbp/s ±50ppm
Interface standard:ITU-T G 703
Interface impedance:75Ω/unbalanced (BNC) or 120Ω/balanced RJ45

3. 10/100Base-T Port
Rate:10/100M, full/duplex auto-negotiation
Protocol: Support IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
MACAddress Entiries:4096Entiries

4. Dimension
483 mm(L)*138 mm(W)* 44 mm(H)

5.Power supply
AC220V:input voltage AC 180V to 260V
DC-48V:input voltage -36V to -72V

6.Operation Condition
Operating temperature:0~50 degrees
Storing temperature:-40~+70 degrees
Relative humidity:95 %


Typical Application

8E1 ethernet PDH multiplexer

PDH multiplexer

LCD SNMP PDH multiplexer

fiber optical modem

E1 V.35 fiber optic modem

4E1 PDH Multiplexer

4E1 ethernet PDH multiplexer

8E1 PDH multiplexer

4E1 ethernet PDH

16E1 PDH multiplexer

16E1 ethernet PDH

FXO/FXS E1 RS232 PDH equipment

4 ethernet PDH multiplexer