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PDH-E+:LCD PDH Multiplexer, SNMP webmanagement PDH equipment

LCD SNMP PDH Multiplexer

v.35 E1 over fiber

stm-1 to g.703

fxo/fxs E&M over fiber

fiber optic equipment


PDH Multiplexer

SDH Multiplexer

E1 Converter

TDM over IP


PCM Multiplexer

Fiber Media Converter

Fiber Video Converter

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LCD PDH Multiplexer, SNMP webmanagement modular integrated PDH equipment:PDH-E+




The modular integrated optical transmission multiplexer is created with a 16*E1+10/100M auto-negotiating Ethernet capacity of transmission interfaces. The equipment also provides various interface modules for voice, data and video services in cities and industrial districts. Its optional interfaces support multiservice transmission of large customers and customer groups such as MSEs, governmental organizations, schools and intelligent residential areas. Open and standard interfaces are applied to guarantee prompt interlinking of various devices.




    1)1+1 Optical Redundancy Backup: Protection of dual optical interface available to ensure that business will not be interrupted when one pair of optical fibres is confronted with failure. It supports hot swap of optical interface.

    2) Flexible Configuration: 4/8/12/16E1 optical multiplexers and multiservice interfaces are derivable from main system board and different functional modules, to meet different user requirements and customizations.

    3) Various Functional Modules: User interface modules (N*64K V.35, FV.35, FXO/FXS, E&M, RS232/RS485, and etc.), order wire module, network management module (RS232, and Ethernet Interface, etc.), and alarm output terminal module, etc. available.



Technical Specification


>> Electrical Interface


4E1 Interface Card

Dual V.35 Interface Card

FXO/FXS E&M Voice Channel Interface Card

RS232 Interface Cards (4xRS232

RS422/RS485 Interface Card (4xRS422/485)

Ethernet Port with Line Rate 100Mpbs


>> Optical Interface


Optical Source:         


Output Power:           

>= -9dBm (dual fiber)

Receiver Type:          


Receiver Sensitivity:  

<= -35dBm (BER<= 10-11) (dual fiber)

Type of Optical Connectors:    


Focus Wavelength:    

1310/1550 nm

Optional Transmitting Distance:

0~40 km (40~120 km, to be customized)

Dual optical interface module is supplied that supports hot swap. No error code occurs in the case of optical interface switching.


>>Power Supply


Input Voltage:         

  AC 220 V / DC-48 V

Voltage Fluctuation:  

165 VAC~265 VAC or -36 VDC~-72 VDC

Power Consumption:   

 <=10~40 W

Subject to certain change for configuration of different interfaces


>>Physical Parameters


Standalone Type (19"):



440 mm(W) x 56.5 mm(H) x220 mm(D)


  < 6.0 kg

Rack Type:

EIA 19" Rack


 Typical Application:

 PDH Multiplexer 

LCD SNMP PDH multiplexer

fiber optic modem

E1 V.35 fiber optic modem

4E1 fiber optic modem

4E1 ethernet PDH multiplexer

8E1 PDH multiplexer

4E1 ethernet PDH

16E1 PDH multiplexer

16E1 ethernet PDH

PDH equipment

4 ethernet PDH multiplexer


E1,E&M,FXO/FXS,RS232,fiber 1+1,SNMP,WEB management PDH Multiplexer:

PDH multiplexer








PDH Multiplexer
SDH Multiplexer
E1 Converter
TDM over IP
PCM Multiplexer
Fiber Media Converter
Fiber Video Converter
fiber module
SFP fiber module
SFP+ fiber module
40G 100G module

PCM multiplexer
fiber Module
SFP+ fiber module
40G module
100G transceiver
fiber to ethernet converter
E3 DS3 to ethernet converter
fiber optical modem
TDM over IP
G.SHDSL modem





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