what is SDH H9MO-LM63

H9MO-LM63 is a standard SDH terminal multiplexer, and is a member of FastFOM’s “MetroEdge-Express” SDH/MSPP Product family. It multiplexes 63 E1 signals into a STM-1 stream, with TU-12 cross-connect capability. This compact multiplexer is housed in a standard 19” 1U rack mount box.

As a standard and compact SDH TM device, H9MO-LM63 is best suited to applications where high-density E1 ports are required to interface with a SDH network through STM-1 fiber optic connections. For example, it is often used as a concise E1 port extension device for other “MetroEdge-Express” family members, such as H9MO-LMFIT, in various network topologies.

The device can be managed either through the embedded DCC channel within the STM-1 signal, or through the local RJ45 management interface on the equipment panel. When multiple H9MO-LM63s are stacked together, a RS485 bus may be used to link the units to form a single managed object. There are also alarm indication lights and a LCD screen available on the panel for operation monitoring.

1.1     Main Features

  1. Standard STM-1 optical ports, wide range of interface options, including dual or single fiber transmission, wavelengths and distances, as well as FC/SC connectors;
  2. Standard SDH mapping of 63 E1 signals with TU-12 cross-connect;
  3. Revertive and nonrevertive unidirectional 1+1APS supported;
  4. ALS function for operation safety;
  5. Selectable clock sources, including internal, STM-1 line, E1 tributary, and external;
  6. ITU-T G .703 compliant E1 ports, 75W/120W options, with on-line error monitoring and loop-back function;
  7. NM(10Base-T/RJ45) and RS-485 network management interfaces;
  8. Compact 19 inch 1 U box;
  9. -48V DC / 100~240V AC / +24V DC and redundant power supply options;
  10. Remote AC power loss monitoring;
  11. LCD display for system configuration and alarm;
  12. Live software update supported.


H9MO-LM63 order information

The H9MO-LM63 comes in two versions. The standard H9MO-LM63 operates on a single power module, with a number of voltage options, while the dual power version, H9MO-LM63RP, provides both input power feed and internal power module redundancy for added operation reliability, but only supports -48V DC inputs. Both have a range of other options to suit application needs.

Ordering information for H9MO-LM63 and H9MO-LM63RP can be specified as:

H9MO-LM63/options       and        H9MO-LM63RP/options

where ‘options’ is a variable length string of option symbols.

Table 1.2-1 Options available to both H9MO-LM63 and H9MO-LM63RP:



Option description




protection, two fiber ports provide STM-1 1+1 APS

single fiber port



FC fiber connector

SC connector

Conflicts with option S


Single fiber duplex transmission

Dual fiber

Conflicts with option F


Long distance

Normal distance



1550nm transmission wavelength




120W E1 interface



Table 1.2-2Options specific to H9MO-LM63:


Option description




-48V DC power supply

100~240V AC

Conflicts with other options


+24V DC power supply


Conflicts with other options


-48V DC / 100~240V AC selectable


Switch selects either one of two power inputs, conflicts with options 8, 4


Remote power outage detection

No detection

Conflicts with options 8, 4

Therefore, H9MO-LM63 without options indicate a device with a single STM-1 port, SC connector, dual fiber transmission, normal transmission distance, 1310nm transmission wavelength, 75W E1 ports, and 100~240V AC power supply.

To specify options other than the defaults, for example, STM-1 protection, -48V DC power supply, and 120W E1 interface, the ordering information should look like:


Note that the position of each option symbol in the sequence is not significant.