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IC-G4V:E1 to 4 V.35 V.24 Multiplexer

E1 to 4 ports V.35 converter

E1 to 4 ports V.24 converter

E1 to 4 ports RS232 converter

More details

E1 to 4 V.35 V.24 Multiplexer:IC-G4V

E1 to 4 ports V.35/V.24 Multiplexer
1.High-powered all-purpose 4 ports V.35 (N*64Kbps, N=1-31) E1 multiplex
2.Every V.35 port of IC-G4V can be collocated with 10BaseT(UTP) LAN interface and according with IEE802.3/Ethernet.
3.Work mode: full duplex / half duplex
4.To fully utilizing of bandwidth of E1 channel, you can set up N*64Kbps rates of 4 V.35 ports apart. Every port time slot is set up with switches.
5.rates of 4 V.35 ports can be set up into synchronizing N*64Kbps(N=1-31). But sum of rates of 4 V.35 ports must be less than that of E1.
6.Fully lucid signal converted and data transmitted clock mode to sustain G.703 network clock and DTE clock
7.Convenient diagnosis function, test of analog loopback of local terminal and digital circular of remote terminal There are many director LED on the front panel to display work state and alarm signals of the equipment.
8.Lines are according with CCITT G.703, G.704, G.706, G.823. Lines code HDB3, under graded E1 mode, sustain CRC4ON / OFF, CAS / CCS optional There are corresponding director on the panel.
9.G.703 lines interface: impedance 120OHM(RJ45) and 75OHM(BNC) optional
10.When they are used in couple, V.35 ports will be linked across without corresponding one-to-one.



IC-G4V is 4 ports V.35 (N*64Kbps, N=1-31) fractional E1 multiplex based on ASIC circuitry technology. Fractional E1 is framed E1. To make full use of the bandwidth of E1 channels, one can configure 4 V.35 ports separately in rate of N*64Kbps (N=1-31) to carry out time division multiplex. But the sum of rates of 4 V.35 ports must be less than that of E1 (1984Kbps). The start and stop time slots are configured by hardware switches, without any software input. Therefore IC-G4V saves not only equipment investment for users, but also lines investment of network operators. 


Line port features
Transmission features:Conforming to G.703 
Transmission rate:N*64Kbps(N=1 ~31) 
Line interface:BNC;RJ45 
Data port features
Transmission rate:N*64Kbps(N=1 ~ 31) 
Number of ports:4 
Transmission mode:Synchronous 
Clocking:Line clock, external clock 
Data interface:V.35 or V.24/RS232C; DCE 
Test methods:Local analog loop back, Remote digital loop back 

Power supply:220VAC +/-10%, 50Hz; -48V DC 
Power consumption:10W 
Temperature:0oC ~40oC 


Typical Application

E1 to 4 V.35


E1 interface converter

E3 to ethernet converter

E1 to Ethernet converter

4E1 to Ethernet converter

8E1 to Ethernet converter

T1 to ethernet converter

E1 to V.35 converter

E1 to V.35 ethernet converter

E1 to 4*V.35 converter

V.35 RS232 to ethernet converter

ethernet over E3

T3 to ethernet

DS3 to ethernet





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