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HDSL:2-Wire Ethernet Bridge back to back modem

HDSL Modem,ethernet bridge

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2-Wire Ethernet Bridge back to back modem:HDSL

2.3Mbps,2-Wire,Ethernet Bridge


HDSL is a high-performance self-educated long-range Ethernet bridge. It can receive frame in MAC net-bridge of LAN and carry out transparent transmission of MAC addresses.
HDSL is ASIC-based 2-wire 2.3Mbps Ethernet bridge GSDSL modem. It uses GSDSL (multi-rates digital end-user line) technology so that the data rate between two joint LANs can reach 2320 Kbps, it is suitable for cost-sensitive bridge connection or in LAN as stretcher or subsection.
It can be installed and connected conveniently. One can use the DIP switch on rear panel to setup work mode and transmitting speed rate and connect cable.
2-wire 2.3Mbps GSDSL modem
The distance can be reached 3.29km in 24AWG(0.5mm) corresponding line and 2.51km in 26AWG(0.4mm) corresponding line Use the technology of GSDSL multi rates digital consumer line, expand the range of transmitting data In 24AWG(0.5mm)line, the longest transmitting distance is 6.25km.
Support 8 kind of speed rates from 256K to 2320K
Can connect two LANs by a pair of twisted-pair to extend distance of LANs.
10/100BaseT(UTP)LAN interface, and be self-adapting
According with IEE802.3 / IEE802.3u / Ethernet
It can store up to 1024 MAC subnet address.
Learn automatically MAC address in the connected LAN and only transmit the aim address to frame in another LAN.
Lower cost, simple manipulation, conveniently using, need not any software setting up
There are many indicator LEDs on the panel to display work state and line status of equipment
Independent machine have two power supplying modes: 220V AC and -48V DC.


Standard:according with IEE802.3/Ethernet
Work mode:full duplex/ half duplex
Data rate:10/100Mbps ;self-adaptively
Physical interface:10 /100BaseT(UTP);shielded RJ-45

LAN Table:1024, learning automatically andrefreshing automatically

Data rate:256kbps 384kbps,1024kbps,1280kbps,1536kbps,2048kbps,2320kbps
Transmission mode:synchronous full duplex; HDLC high-degree data link
Line interface:impedance 135ohm, physical interface RJ45, with pin 4 and pin 5 (middle 2 lines)
Power supply:20V +/- 10%,50Hz;48VDC(optional)
Power consumption:5W


Typical Application:





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