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fiber patch cords

SC FC ST,E2000,LC,MU,MPO,SM/MM Simplex/Duplex fiber optic patch cord

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SC FC ST,E2000,LC,MU,MPO,SM/MM Simplex/Duplex fiber optic patch cord




SC optical fiber patch cord


1. Low insertion loss

2. Easy for installation

3. Complete varieties of products

4. High reflected loss



1. Optical fiber communication system

2. Optical fiber Access Network

3. Optical fiber data transmission

4. Optical fiber CATV

5. LAN

6. Test equipment

7. Optical fiber sensor



SC optical fiber connector is divided into two types: single mode and multiple mode.End face contact types consist of PC,UPC and APC. The patch cable contacting different connector or interface is called single mode patch cable. Veecom applies the advanced technology and equipment to large-scale produce, producing the products of superior performance and reliable quality.


Performance index:


Single mode

Multiple mode

Standard insertion loss



Standard reflected loss



Working temperature



Storage temperature



Type of optical fiber

9/125um optical fiber

50/125,62.5/125um optical fiber








PDH Multiplexer
SDH Multiplexer
E1 Converter
TDM over IP
PCM Multiplexer
Fiber Media Converter
Fiber Video Converter
fiber module
SFP fiber module
SFP+ fiber module
40G 100G module

PCM multiplexer
fiber Module
SFP+ fiber module
40G module
100G transceiver
fiber to ethernet converter
E3 DS3 to ethernet converter
fiber optical modem
TDM over IP
G.SHDSL modem



Physiotherapy equipment
Walking Rehabilitation
Upper limb rehabilitation
Lower limb rehabilitation
Whole body rehabilitation
Children rehabilitation
Finger rehabilitation
CPM series
Treatment table series
Lumbar and neck traction bed
Medical mask



Low Temperature Freezer
-45℃ freezer
-60℃ freezer
-80℃ freezer
deep freezer
ultra low temperature freezer
cold room