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PCM-E04:1~4 channels Voice FXO/FXS E&M PCM over E1 Multiplexer

1~4 channels Voice PCM Multiplexer

FXO/FXS E&M E1 multiplexer

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1~4 channels Voice FXO/FXS E&M E1 PCM Multiplexer:PCM-E04


PCM-E04 can provide 1-4 channels voice signal (FXO, FXS) and 1 channel 10/100M Ethernet, which realized phone lines and Ethernet signal distance extensions through E1 channel. E1 signal could be transmitted by optical transceiver.


1.Monitor the opposite end equipment through local device (unique double row indicators, the upper represents local side, the below denotes the remote end);
2.Based on self copyright IC;
3.Offer 2kinds of clock mode: E1 master clock, E1 line clock;
4.realize the automatically rate set of local device to remote device;
5.has the function of pseudo-random code testing, convenient for opening of the circuit, and can be used as an error code instrument;
6.supports 75Ω unbalanced and 120Ω balanced impedance at the same time;
7.1-4 channel voice connection, supports calling indication and reverse polarity billing function;
8.Support mutual telephone number function of each site
9.Voice interface supports O and S ports two kinds, O port docks with PABX, S port with the user's telephone.


Technical Specification
E1 interface
Standard: conforms to G.703 standard
Rate:n×64Kbps , n:1~32
Impedance:75Ω(unbalanced),120Ω (balanced)
Connector:BNC(75Ω), RJ45(120Ω)
Vibration characteristic: satisfies G.742 and G.823 standard
Clock mode:  host mode, line clock mode;


FXS phone port
Ring voltage:75V
Ring frequency:25HZ
Two line input impedance:600Ω(hanging off)
Wastage:40 dB


FXO switch port
Ring test voltage:35V
Ring test frequency:17HZ-60HZ
Two line input impedance:600Ω(hanging-off)
Wastage:40 dB


2/4 wire E&M interface card  
Channel quantity per card: 2 
Standard referred to: ITU-TRECG.714
Transmit relative level: +3,0, -3dBr adjustable
Receive relative level: +3,0, +3dBr adjustable
Signaling mode: E&M
Interface impedance: 600Ω
Subscriber physical connector: RJ45


Desktop: 212(W)*138(D)*30(H)mm
Standard case (19U): 483(W)*138(L)*44(H)mm


Operation Condition
Voltage: AC180V ~ 260V;DC –48V;DC +24V
Consumption: ≤5W
Operating temperature: 0°C~50°C
Storing temperature:-40°C~+70°C
Relative humidity::95 %


Typical Application

4 voice E1 multiplexer