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PDH-E:E1 PDH equipment,modular integrated PDH multiplexer

PDH fiber optic multiplexer

PDH MUX,fiber optic equipment,

g.703 E1 v.35 over fiber,fxo fxs FOM 

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PDH multiplexer,fiber optic equipment g.703 E1 v.35 fxo fxs module:PDH-E



PDH-E is born with a capacity of transmission interfaces of 16E1 that can be expand to 32E1+40M. The equipment also provide various interface modules, such as E1 interface cards (4 G.703 ports, 75ohm120ohm optional), V.35 interface cards (2 V.35 ports or 4 V.35 ports), FXO/FXS voice channel interface cards (4-8 loop interfaces), E/M interface cards (4-8 2/4-wire audio interfaces), data interface cards (4-8 RS232 or RS485 data channels. They are used to transmit asynchronous data. Self-adaptation of speed can be up to 115.2K), etc. PDH-E is a suitable choice to provide voice, data and video services for cities and industrial districts. Its optional interfaces support overall business transmission of large customers and customer groups such as medium-and-small-scale enterprises, governmental organizations, schools and intellectualized villages. Open standard interfaces are employed to guarantee prompt interlinking of various equipments.



Optical path backup: With the option of 1+1 Optical Redundancy (Protection Switching), in which the transmission automatically switches to a STANDBY optical link in the event of a failure of the PRIMARY optical link. E3 or E6 switch or mandatory switch of optical path can be configured to meet requirements of network of high reliability;

Network management: Furnished with network management interface (RS485) that facilitates the realization of uniform network management;

Easy to configure: Combination of main system board and various function modules can produce 481216E1 optical multiplexers and multiple optional traffic interfaces to meet requirements and customized demands of different users;

Various function modules: User interface modules (Nx64K V.35, V.35, FXO/FXS, E/M, RS232/RS485, etc.);Service telephone module, network management module (RS422/485, RS232, 10BaseT interfaces, etc.), RS232 data channel module, warning leading-out terminal module, switching value channel module, etc.

Complete functions of alarm indication: PDH-E is capable of monitoring alarm status of local and remote equipments;

Various functions of loop-back test: Each E1 channel can complete local and remote loop-back independently;

Transmission distance of 30 kilometers without relay (80-kilometer remote transmission equipment is prepared for your selection);

Modular and compact design of the complete appliance (19" 1U structure is used);

Convenient to extend capacity: PDH-E has preliminary cascade interface, which facilitates cascading (equipment stacking) to optical mutiplexer with higher E1 capacity when necessary.


Technical Specification




Interface code rate:


Max transmission rate:

Choose different interface types to accord with corresponding standards




Bit rate:

100 Mbit/s

Line code:


Optical source:


Transmitter power:


Receiver Type:


Receiver sensitivity:



1310 / 1550nm

Optical connector:





Power Input:

AC/DC optional

Power consumption:


Operating temperature:


Storage temperature:



10%-90% non-condensing (No corrosive and solvent Gas, no fluty dust and intense magnetic-field interference)


Mechanical Parameter


Standalone (19")




1.5 kg

Rack Type:

EIA 19"


Typical Application



PDH multiplexer

LCD SNMP PDH multiplexer

fiber optic modem

E1 V.35 fiber optic modem

4E1 fiber optic modem

4E1 ethernet PDH multiplexer

8E1 PDH multiplexer

4E1 ethernet PDH

16E1 PDH multiplexer

16E1 ethernet PDH

PDH equipment

4 ethernet PDH multiplexer