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H9MO-LMA:E1 Ethernet V.35 STM-1 SDH equipment

E1 SDH equipment

Ethernet SDH equipment

V.35 SDH equipment

STM-1 SDH equipment

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E1 Ethernet V.35 STM-1 SDH equipment:H9MO-LMA

The MetroEdge-Express is built on SDH/MSPP technology. It is aimed at providing both TDM based traditional telecom services and ever

growing Ethernet based data services. There are two types of equipment in the MetroEdge-Express family, the CPE end equipment


1.TM, Multi-Service, including E1, FE, V.35
2.Flexible options for the STM-1 fiber optic interface, including single fiber duplex, as well as different power and wavelength choices.
3.Standard based GFP/VC-12 VCAT, support VLAN, EoS
4.Built-in BERT and loop-back capabilities
5.Framed and unframed V.35
6.Remote AC power failure alarm
7.Standard 19 inch 1RU box, compact, lightweight, low power consumption
8.Dual mode power supply, -48V DC or 100~240V AC field selectable
9.Support online upgrade of embedded program and FPGA program
Technical Specifications

STM-1 Fiber Port
Bit rate: 155520kbit/s ±4.6ppm
Line code:Scrambled NRZ
Wavelength:Default:1310nm Option /5:1550nm
Connector: Default: SC. Option /F:FC
Fiber Spec:S-1.1, L-1.1, L-1.2
Single fiber bi-directional interface can be optionally supported
E1 Port
Bit rate: 2.048 Mbps ±50 ppm
Line code:HDB3
Impedance:Default: 75W Option /T: 120W
Frame Structure:Non-framed
Number of ports:SDH-LMA840:8 SDH-LM400:4
V.35 Port
Bit rate: Nx64kbps ±50 ppm, N≤31
Frame Structure:G.704 or unframed
Interface mode:DCE or DTE
Number of ports:1

Ethernet Port
Interface mode: 10Base-T/100Base-T, Half/Full duplex, auto-negotiation, HP auto-MDIX
Trunk port:NxVC-12 N≤63, GFP
Number of ports:4

Management Port
Ethernet:  RJ45, 10Base-T, MDI port
Others:DCC, E1(VC-12)

Dimension: 44mm *138mm*440mm (H/D/W)
Net weight:2kg
Power (AC):100 ~ 240 V, 50/60Hz
Power (DC):-48 V (-58V ~ -38V)
Consumption: ≤ 10W
Working temp:0 ~ 50°C
Humidity:0-95%RH (non-condensing)
Ethernet socket:RJ-45
V.35 socket:DB25
E1 socket:RJ48
Timing:Internal, STM-1 Line, E1 tributary line


Typical equipment

SDH equipment


SDH multiplexer

E3 T3 DS3 fiber modem

STM-1 converter

8E1+4ETH SDH equipment

STM-1 to 63E1

E1 STM-1 SDH multiplexer

SDH equipment

STM-16 SDH multiplexer