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PCM-F04:4*FXO(S)/E&M Ethernet over fiber optical PCM multiplexing,4 voices fiber PCM multiplexing

4 voices fiber optical multiplexer

FXO(S)/E&M Ethernet fiber PCM multiplexing

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4 *FXO(S)/E&M Ethernet fiber optical PCM multiplexing,4 voices fiber PCM multiplexing:PCM-F04


This PCM-F04 point to point fiber transmitting equipment, which is designed on large scale integrated circuit, realizes 1 channel 10/100M Ethernet, 4 channel voice phone. Its merits include complete warning function, high integration, low consumption, stable performance and convenient usage.


1.Have two row of LED , one indicate local status, the other indicate remote status
2.Based on self-copy right IC
4.Provide two clock mode, fiber main clock and fiber line clock
5.Have three LoopBack Mode: fiber interface LoopBack(ANA)、ETH LoopBack(DIG)、command the remote ETH LoopBack (REM)
6.Realize auto-speed setting of local device to remote device
7.Having pseudo random code test function, can used as a 2M Protocol Analyzer
8.Ethernet support N*64k rates, rate from 64k to 2048k.Ethernet data suggested function, real-time indicate data communication state
9.Provide 4 channels voice access, support calling indication
10.Voice port supports O port and S port, O port connect with PBX, S port connect with phone users

Technical Specification
Optical interface   
Optical wavelength:single mode 1310nm/1550nm
Fiber:single fiber or double fiber for option
Transmitting consumption:  -9dBm/-5dBm
Transmission range: 0-120Km for option
Optical interface:SC/FC
Receiving and dispatching module:>-6dBm
Optical receiver receiving sensitivity:  <-36 dBm (BER<10-11)
Fiber circuit code:RZ code

10/100Base-T interface
Rate:full/duplex auto-negotiation
PROTOCOL:Support IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.1Q(VLAN)
MAC Address Entiry: 4096 Entiries
Memory Sizes:64MBits SDRAM
Connections: Two RJ45

FXS phone port
Ringing voltage:75V
Ringing frequency:25HZ
Input impedance:600Ω
loss:40 dB

FXO interface
Ringing check voltage:35V
Ringing check frequency:17HZ-60HZ
input impedance:600Ω
loss:40 dB

2/4 wire E&M interface card   
Channel quantity per card: 2  
Standard referred to: ITU-TRECG.714
Transmit relative level: +3,0, -3dBr adjustable
Receive relative level: +3,0, +3dBr adjustable
Signaling mode: E&M
Interface impedance: 600Ω
Subscriber physical connector: RJ45


Working condition
Voltage:AC220V; DC –48V; DC +24V
Working temperature:0°C~50°C
Storage temperature:-40°C~+70°C
Relative humidity:95 %


Typical Application

4 Voice fiber multiplexer