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IC-E3T3L,E3T3-T:E3 to ethernet converter,T3/DS3 to ethernet converter

E3 to ethernet converter

T3/DS3 to ethernet converter

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E3 to ethernet converter,T3/DS3 to ethernet converter:E3T3-T,IC-E3T3L
Fast Ethernet LANs over E3 or T3/DS3 Converter

IC-E3T3L is state of the art Network Termination Units (NTU) connecting Fast Ethernet
LANs over E3 or T3/DS3 circuits. The devices enable service providers and ISPs to supply transparent Ethernet services to remote locations over existing E3/T3/DS3 infrastructure.


The devices can be used in a point-to-point application and widely used in lnteroffice or enterprise LAN connection. IC-E3T3L has one unframed E3 or one framed T3/DS3 port, and one 10/100BaseTx port. Packets are forwarded from the Ethernet network to the E3 or T3/DS3 network at wire-speed,fully utilizing the expensive TDM circuit bandwidth.



*Best price performance Ethernet over E3 or T3/DS3 intelligent converter in the market
*Wire-speed forwarding fully utilizing the E3 or T3/DS3 circuit
*VLAN stacking and tagging enabling service providers to provide layer 2 transparent LAN
services while securing providers management
*Fault propagation of E3 or T3/DS3 error conditions to Ethernet port
*Diagnostic collection on TDM and Ethernet interfaces
*Comprehensive LED indicators on front panel,convenient for the diagnosis of
equipment working state
*-48V DC & 220V AC power supply optional


E3  interface

Comply with ITU G.703
Rate:34.368 Mbps
Code type:HDB3
Impedance:75ohm unbalanced l
Physical connector:BNC coaxial  for unbalanced

T3/DS3  interface

Comply with GR-499-CORE; ANSI T1.107; ANSI T1.102
Rate:44.736 Mbps
Code type:B3ZS
Impedance:75ohm unbalanced l
Physical connector:BNC coaxial  for unbalanced
Power supply
AC power:220V+-10%,50Hz
DC power:-48V(optional)


Humidity:0-95% RH


Typical Application

E3 to ethernet converter,T3 DS3 to ethernet converter