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IC-E3T3L,E3T3-T:E3 to ethernet converter,T3/DS3 to ethernet converter

E3 to ethernet converter

T3/DS3 to ethernet converter

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E3 to ethernet converter,T3/DS3 to ethernet converter:E3T3-T,IC-E3T3L
Fast Ethernet LANs over E3 or T3/DS3 Converter

IC-E3T3L is state of the art Network Termination Units (NTU) connecting Fast Ethernet
LANs over E3 or T3/DS3 circuits. The devices enable service providers and ISPs to supply transparent Ethernet services to remote locations over existing E3/T3/DS3 infrastructure.


The devices can be used in a point-to-point application and widely used in lnteroffice or enterprise LAN connection. IC-E3T3L has one unframed E3 or one framed T3/DS3 port, and one 10/100BaseTx port. Packets are forwarded from the Ethernet network to the E3 or T3/DS3 network at wire-speed,fully utilizing the expensive TDM circuit bandwidth.



*Best price performance Ethernet over E3 or T3/DS3 intelligent converter in the market
*Wire-speed forwarding fully utilizing the E3 or T3/DS3 circuit
*VLAN stacking and tagging enabling service providers to provide layer 2 transparent LAN
services while securing providers management
*Fault propagation of E3 or T3/DS3 error conditions to Ethernet port
*Diagnostic collection on TDM and Ethernet interfaces
*Comprehensive LED indicators on front panel,convenient for the diagnosis of
equipment working state
*-48V DC & 220V AC power supply optional


E3  interface

Comply with ITU G.703
Rate:34.368 Mbps
Code type:HDB3
Impedance:75ohm unbalanced l
Physical connector:BNC coaxial  for unbalanced

T3/DS3  interface

Comply with GR-499-CORE; ANSI T1.107; ANSI T1.102
Rate:44.736 Mbps
Code type:B3ZS
Impedance:75ohm unbalanced l
Physical connector:BNC coaxial  for unbalanced
Power supply
AC power:220V+-10%,50Hz
DC power:-48V(optional)


Humidity:0-95% RH


Typical Application

E3 to ethernet converter,T3 DS3 to ethernet converter






PDH Multiplexer
SDH Multiplexer
E1 Converter
TDM over IP
PCM Multiplexer
Fiber Media Converter
Fiber Video Converter
fiber module
SFP fiber module
SFP+ fiber module
40G 100G module

PCM multiplexer
fiber Module
SFP+ fiber module
40G module
100G transceiver
fiber to ethernet converter
E3 DS3 to ethernet converter
fiber optical modem
TDM over IP
G.SHDSL modem








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