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PDH-E4:4 ports ethernet PDH multiplexer,E&M FXO/FXS E1 RS232 over fiber PDH multiplexer

4 ports ethernet PDH multiplexer,

FXO FXS over fiber,

E1 V.35 RS232 2M ethernet SNMP PDH multiplexer


More details

PDH-E4:4 ports ethernet PDH multiplexer,FXO/FXS over fiber,PDH multiplexer

Integrated PDH FOM series

Modular Multi-Service Integrated Optical Multiplexer has been created with 8E1 capacity of transmission interfaces, of which 4E1 are available with the first interface (Interface I) and the rest 4 channels can be freely distributed to the other 3 interfaces (Interfaces II, III, and IV). In addition, another 4 Ethernet interfaces are provided to further meet individual demands of clients. This optical multiplexer is provided with multiple interface modules for voice, data, and image services for cities and industrial areas and its optional interfaces can support multi-service transmission tasks of MSEs, governmental departments, schools, or intelligent residential areas and other key clients or customer groups. Open standard interfaces are applied to guarantee a real-time interlinking with various equipments.

>>1+1APS: Automatic Protection Switching in which the transmission automatically switches to a STANDBY optical link in the event of a failure of the PRIMARY optical link, to ensure an uninterrupted business operation.
>>Easy to Configure:  The combination of system mainboard and various function modules can give out 4/5/6/7/8E1 optical multiplexers and multiple business matching interfaces, to meet requirements and customizing demands of individual users.
>>Multiple Function Modules:  Including user interface module (E1, Nx64K V.35, V.35, FXO/FXS, E/M, and RS232/RS485, etc.), order wire module, network administration module, RS232 data channel module, warning leading-out terminal module, and switching value channel module, etc.
>>Network Management:  Capable be monitored and managed through RS232 port in the front panel and can be managed by the software.




Interface code rate 2.048Mbit/s   +-50ppm
Maximum transmission rate 150Mbit/s
Choose different interface types to accord with corresponding standards

Optical Interface (Provided with 1+1 redundancy optical backup function, optional)
Code rate 150 Mbit/s
Line code 4B5B
Optical Source LD
Output power >-9dBm
Receiver Type PINFET
Receiving sensitivity <-38dBm (BER<10-11)
Optical connector FC / SC
Wavelength 1310/1550 nm
Transmission Distance 0-40km (40-20km to be customized)

Power Input: AC/DC optional
Power consumption: <5W
Operating temperature:-5oC-50oC
Storage temperature: -40oC-70oC
Humidity: 10%-90%non-condensing
No corrosive and solvent Gas, no fluty dust and intense magnetic-field interference

Mechanical Parameter
Dimension: 440mm(width)x43.5mm(height)x185mm(depth)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Rack Type: EIA 19"

Typical Application

pdh mux

LCD SNMP PDH multiplexer

fiber optic modem

E1 V.35 fiber optic modem

4E1 fiber optic modem

4E1 ethernet PDH multiplexer

8E1 PDH multiplexer

4E1 ethernet PDH

16E1 PDH multiplexer

16E1 ethernet PDH

PDH equipment

4 ethernet PDH multiplexer







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