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IC-T1L:T1 to ethernet converter,T1 converter

E1/T1 G.703 To Ethernet Converter

T1 telecom equipments

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E1 T1 To Ethernet Converter:IC-T1L

E1/T1 G.703 To Ethernet Converter

IC-T1L is a double protocol Ethernet converter using one E1 line or T1 line to transmit Ethernet data and based on ASIC circuitry design technology. Its purpose is to extend transmission distance and applicable range. It is collocated with E1/HDB3 or T1/B8ZS as line interface, E1 can be either framed N*64Kbps (N=1-31) or unframed 2048Kbps, which are also known as channelization and unchannelization. Under the framed mode, it supports options of CAS/CCS (30 & 31 time slot), and CRC4 auto-adapt. T1 connects remote LAN through fully transparent unframed 1.544Mbps bandwidth. Transmission clock can be recovered from receiving signal G.703 lines and also can work in internal clock mode. Ethernet supports 10/100M auto-adapt.



IC-T1L has local and remote loops, so user can test circuitry and diagnose failure conveniently to achieve port-to-port integrity test. There are rich indicators on the front panel to display working status and alarm signals.

IC-T1LR is card converter whose every 19 inch rack can be fixed 16 cards. It has double power supply, DC -48V or AC 220V. It is suitable for computer center.



01.LAN table:10000, automatic learning and updating 
02.Filtering and Forwarding:30000 frames/second
03.Buffer size:64M
04.Throughput Delay: 1 frame 
05.VLAN: 802.1Q 
06.Standard:Conform with IEE802.3/IEEE 802.3u/Ethernet 
07.Work mode: Full duplex/ half duplex 
08.Data speed: 10/100Mbps auto-adapt 
09.Physical interface: UTP; shield RJ-45;Cross and direct connection 
10.Line transmission speed: N*64Kbps(N=1--31); 2048Kbps 
11.Line coding options:HDB3/CRC4 auto-adapt 
12.Format of line frame:G.703(framed/unframed) 
13.Line interface:Impedance120ohm,RJ45 ; Impedance 75ohm,BNC 
14.Transmission Features: Conform with G.703/G.704/G.706 
15.Speed of line transmission :N*64Kbps(N=1--31) 
16.Line code:B8ZS
17.Format of line frame:Unframed, fully transparent 
18.Line interface:Balance 120 ohm, RJ45 
19.Transmission features: Conform with ANSI T1.403-1999 ANSI T1.408, AT&T TR 62411 
20.Clock: Internal clock, slave clock(G.703 clock) 
21.Power supply: AC220V+-10%, 50Hz; DC48V+-15% 
22.Power consumption: 5W 
24.Test mode: Local analogy loop-back.Remote digital loop-back


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